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DSS 2010 will take place in the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon.

From the Airport

Probably, the easiest but most expensive way of going from the airport to the Faculty is by taxi. Just tell the taxi driver to take you to the Faculty of Sciences (Faculdade de Ciencias) at Campo Grande. The distance is approximately 4 kilometers (15 minutes depending on the traffic).

There are two taxi stands within the perimeter of the airport, one at arrivals and the other at departures.

The fare on the taxi meter should read 2.50€ (daytime pick-up). The fare depends on the time spent and distance (1km=0,42€). Outside the city limits, city fares are charged per kilometer (1km=0,45€). 1,60€ is charged for the transportation of luggage or animals. An additional 20% is charged for services on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays and for nighttime service from 9pm to 6am.

BEFORE TAKING A TAXI, inquire about the fare.

You can get more info and purchase a Taxi Voucher at the Tourism Information Counter in the airport's Arrivals Hall.

Source: Antral

A taxi can take up to 4 passengers.

There is a special bus "AERO-BUS" leaving from the airport's arrivals hall to the City Centre, everyday between 7 am and 9 pm, and every 20 minutes (see route map below). The ticket is around 2.20€ and can be purchased in the bus. This ticket is valid for another bus or tram ride on the same day. The bus ride will take you around 10 to 20 minutes depending on the traffic.



Getting around in Lisbon

There are several ways to get yourself around in Lisbon. The easiest and fastest is the underground (Metro).

All sorts of information about the bus transportation system in Lisbon, including an interactive route planner, can be found in the CARRIS web site. The underground web site also features a network diagram and other useful information.

Tickets can be purchased in all buses and at all underground stations; some underground stations are manned but they all have vending machines (that often give change). It is cheaper to buy a carnet of tickets. Carnets of bus tickets are not sold on the buses. They can be bought at special selling points (there is one at Campo Pequeno and another one at Sete Rios). Carnets of metro tickets can be bought at metro stations, namely from the vending machines.

To the Faculty of Sciences (FCUL - C6)

How to get to FCUL, in Google maps here

FCUL is located in the main campus of the University of Lisbon[1], known as "Cidade Universitária".

The campus is well served both by buses and the underground (Metro). It lies in between "Cidade Universitária" metro station, on the yellow line, and "Campo Grande" metro station, on the junction between the yellow and green lines.


In case you choose the Cidade Universitária exit (recommended for DSS2010) you'll walk by the Rectorate and most faculties of the university which are nice to see.


University of Lisbon Rectorate

Inside FCUL

Most activities of DSS2010 will be held in C6


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